Innovation Norway NYC are teaming up with Grind Spaces and OfficeLinks to provide co-working spaces to our participants 2014.

Grind is a 22nd century platform that helps talent collaborate in a new way: outside the system. It's a members-only workspace and community dedicated to taking all of the frustrations of working the old way and pulverizing them to a dust so fine it actually oils the wheels of the machine.


Grind Park
419 Park Avenue South
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10016
T: +1 646 558 3250

Hours: M – F 8am until midnight


Grind Broadway
1412 Broadway
22nd Floor
New York, NY 10018
T: +1 646 558-6026

Hours: M – F 8am until midnight



460 Park Ave S.
12th Floor
New York, NY, 10016
T +1 877 488-4578

Hours: M – F 9am until 6pm